Profile. What the Double-U.

The Identity

WliaCreations, like gentle Blades, slice through slowly and elegantly, redefine shapes and sizes, and cut deep. Sometimes it hurt, often it leave an impression that stays on like scars.

Passionate, not sadistic.

It's a hunger, insatiable.

The Abilities.

Range of services include:

  • HTML5/CSS3 Web Design and Development
  • Wordpress Development and Custom Plugins
  • iPhone and Android Mobile User Interface Design
  • eDMs, Squeeze Pages, Web Banners
  • Branding, Corporate Identity Set
  • Print Design (Marketing Collaterals - Poster, Flyers, Roll-up Banners, Wobblers etc)
  • Digital Retouching (web images, photographs for print)
  • Printing and Copywriting outsourcing services
  • Social Media Marketing and Advertising
  • Yabbering

The breathing Soul behind the brand

All things her. Randoms.

Am an average human, thick brows, definitely female.

Designs with a feminine touch, and brings on the red-blooded, vigorless side for them boys.

Takes some pictures, destroys most.

Pours down 4 - 6 bottles of water from the purplish 1-litre Nalgene bottle everyday.

Funny movies checked, YouTube junkie checked, exaggerating and unrealistic romance flicks check, checked.

Warm-hearted, takes lots of mints.

Loves stuffs to be somewhat beautiful, kinda awesome, maybe gorgeous, uncanny yes/no.

Faces humans, hearts horses, hates bats. Tigers and dinosaurs, ok.

Vanilla Latte from Starbucks, Teh Peng from Kopitiams, some booze of Whiskey nature don't kill.

Writes stuffs, some balderdash, some snaps.

Anything from punk rock and Hip Hop, to Electronic and World.

Laughs redundantly, and officially.

and she says, "Outta the circle, smashed the box".

All that, 'Lingo'.